Monday, August 23, 2010

How do you Choose the Best Accounting Firm for your Needs?

In selecting a Florida accounting firm to take care of your business and personal financial needs, you need to consider important information before handing over the reigns, so to speak. Even if you just need to take care of tax paperwork for the years end, ongoing services through the years or investment information, your accountant can assist you. The chosen accountant should have an excellent personal relationship with you or with your business and be in good spirits with the Internal Revenue Service.

When selecting a firm to handle your needs please consider a few things:

• How is their staff trained? Do they all have a bachelor’s degree in the financial field? Are they all certified public accountants? This is important to know as you want someone with the best expertise in the arena to handle your money or your businesses money for you. How much experience do they have in dealing with tax laws? Once thing that you never want to mess up on is your taxes!

• Is the firm you are looking at registered with the Better Business Bureau? Are they in good standing? How long has the firm been in operation and can they give you references from past customers?

• Do they have a specific area of accounting they like to deal with? Some prefer the corporate atmosphere, while others prefer to deal with private parties. Not all accounting offices are the same. Small business book keeping, is handled in a different area than a corporate account.

• Where is their office located? Can you make an appointment and go see the person handling the account? This is vitally important to the overall relationship with the accountant of choice. You do not want your accountant to be someone that is outsourced to a different country!

• Is the accountant or accounting firm accessible? I mean can you call the team or person handling your accounts directly? A great working relationship not only builds rapport, but keeps the bond strong and a loyal accountant and client!

It seems like so many items to cover when choosing your accountant, but I assure you it is important to the overall growth, success and security of your money and your businesses money. Take aim as well as initiative when choosing your Florida Accounting firm.

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