Friday, September 17, 2010

Solar Panels, Wind Turbines and Insulation…Bring you back the Green

Did you know about the Green tax credits? Yes, they exist and you can start to keep record and get a tax break at year end! Plan ahead and soften the tax burden. If you are unsure on how to begin, get an opinion from a CPA (certified public accountant) who has directly related experience in tax planning for businesses and individuals. These professionals are kept abreast of the leading and current tax cuts to benefit the community. In taking advantage of what the federal government has put out there, each company is opened up to obtain a hiring credit for loosening the unemployment load, green taxes for being proactive about kindness to the environment.

The federal tax credits can get you and your company a whopping $2400 to $5000 just for the federal hiring benefits. Imagine the savings can double for being kind to the environment and making some “green” changes to your office. What type of green changes can you make? The first thing is insulation and windows. In the winter, heat escapes and in the summer, air conditioning does. So, replace those old windows, touch up the caulk and insulate that attic! Next, install energy saving appliances. They exist for every item you have including the light bulbs! As far as the businesses, try out solar panels…they are expensive in the beginning, but the tax credits pay for them and the following year, it is direct money back in your pocket! Going green is the new black, so become one of the shining stars obtaining the Green Tax Credits.

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