Monday, December 20, 2010

Green Tax Returns?

Have you thought about going green on your tax returns? Sure you could print your returns on recycled paper, or go completely digital with your returns, but there's another way to use "Green Power" to your benefit - Green tax credits. The federal government is on the lookout to give serious tax credits to businesses that incorporate ecologically friendly practices into their daily operations. As is the case with any kind of tax preparation, working with a Fort Lauderdale CPA, who understands the various tax laws intimately, is your best bet if you're curious about these newer tax laws.

Who qualifies for Green Tax Credits?

You might be surprised when you consult with a Fort Lauderdale CPA, to find out that you don't have to be a huge corporation or take huge steps to qualify for some of these credits. In an effort to encourage environmentally friendly living, the government has made a wide range of activities eligible for these types of tax credits. For example, if you've added solar panels to help reduce your company's ecological "foot print" and reduce energy bills, you may be eligible to take advantage of some of these newer green tax credits.

There's a wide range of environmentally friendly activities that could positively impact your company when tax time rolls around. Not only does your company help the environment by being a responsible steward of renewable resources, you can also benefit with lower tax payments or other potential breaks on your business taxes. Green is the color of the future. You can help your company to pay less "green" when taxes come due, by doing your part to be a more environmentally friendly company.

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